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Life’s Little Detours

The temperatures are frigid and that wasn’t the only challenge of the day. A flat tire a couple days ago required leaving the jalopy at the fix-it shop. My ride into town this morning…sans a working heater. Getting stuck in the spot where the jalopy was parked. My toes and fingers are achingly cold and I’m starting to laugh as I think about how I thought my day would go.
The dream was to find a cozy spot in the local fabulous coffee shop, order a tasty Chai Tea Latte, open my new to me laptop and write an engaging, heartwarming piece of brilliance. I quite literally can’t stop laughing…
I couldn’t get the laptop cursor to work and I didn’t have a mouse with me. Now I’m trying to get used to the keypad… And so begins my foray into the world of writing for my blog.

The coffee shop smells are oh so good… soup… quiche…excellent coffee. The fireplace is toasty warm, I’m enjoying some great conversation and in spite of the -35 temperature outside, life is good. I have a warm house to live in, food to eat, clothes to wear, the love of family & friends & Jesus. I was never promised a perfect life. What exactly would that mean anyways? My humanness would consistently change what defined that perfection… that dream.
That leaves me with the laughter and that’s the best part of the little detours of my day.

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