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I Am Here

Blazing color! Gold, auburn and crimson all glowing in the afternoon sun. I pull out my camera and try to capture the glorious color. First one angle and then another. I want to save the beauty because I know the wind is coming and after an epic dance of color, it will be gone. How can I preserve this picture?

The scent of the grass is lingering and there’s a very slight breeze that moves the leaves that are glowing in the late afternoon light.

Her laughter is contagious. It bubbles out of her as she shares stories of her youth. Within minutes we’re all laughing and more stories are shared. It’ s joyful and meaningful and feels like the best hug.

He sits rather quietly, taking in the conversation. He doesn’t say much but when he does, we all stop and listen. The stories are brief glimpses into his life and we’re honored to be in attendance.

She notices the view through the trees. It draws her and I and soon there’s a group of us traipsing over the bed of fallen spruce cones. We take in the variegated grays of the skies, the gold of the crop in the field and conversation ensues. “Let’s take a walk to those weathered old buildings.” “How’s the harvest coming along?”

She pops up and down, welcoming her guests, ensuring their comfort, gracious and generous with her smile.

The circle of chairs gets bigger and the seats fill with people who’s lives have criss-crossed over the years. In many ways we’ve come full circle. We probably won’t remain this way but for now we talk, laugh and eat on this amazingly beautiful fall evening. Here in this beloved celebration of friendship.

The winds are building and I see some leaves fluttering to the ground. A smattering of clouds contrast with the brilliant blue of the sky. I’m drawn out the door with my camera. Maybe I’ll capture something fabulous, maybe not. I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter. I’m going to take a walk on the yellow sprinkled green carpet, breath deep and as the leaves swirl down over me like a bucket of gold confetti…be thankful that I am here.

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