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Together Is Better

We’re down to the last hours of 2019. What a decade it has been. The fact that we made it past the year 2000 is amazing. 🙂 Technology has advanced, we’re working at being healthier and taking better care of our earth. We have much to be thankful for.

A few weeks ago I attended a Blue Christmas service. I’d heard of them but never been to one. This one I went to in support of my friend who had lost her mom earlier this year. I anticipated that it was going to be very emotional and it definitely was. What I loved was the opportunity that my friend and the others participating had to share their memories of their loved one.

Since that service more friends and loved ones of friends have died. So many in fact that I’m nervous about opening Facebook and even more so when conversations start with, “Have you heard…” Countless are walking the journey of loss & grief. The holidays make that journey more challenging. While others are talking about joy, celebrations and being together, they are missing someone.

As much as we try to avoid it, loss happens. What we have to figure out is how to walk that journey without adding to the sadness. I think that the key is togetherness. I don’t think that we were created to do life as solitary beings. We need each other, whether it’s for the joyful times in our life or the sad. Someone to hug us, sit with us, listen to us, be there for us. That is how we can walk the journey of loss without added casualties.

So as the clock ticks down the hours, I leave you with a challenge for 2020. Be the one who shares the hugs and is there for the ones in your life who are experiencing loss. Life is ever so much better when it’s shared.

Finally, if you should experience loss, I pray that you will be blessed with at least one person who will hug you, sit with you and listen as you tell the stories of your loved one. That can be added to the list of things to be thankful for in the year 2020. Together, life is better.

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